Kodi Goemble & Luna Star’s Summer Vacation Fuck Fest




I love how this whole orgy started off as an innocent game of beer pong. Seriously? Why can’t my summer parties end up with this kind of action? You’d think that at the start of this vid the girls would just be playing strip beer pong, but after a few minutes they toss the cups and balls to one side and get down to the hardcore action. Now this is the type of summer vacation party I want to have a few times this year.

First there’s the one on one fuck where Kodi Goemble has Luna Star pressed up against a pillar with her bikini top around his head and her leg in the air. I loved the bit when Luna’s friend came in and started getting involved as well- first with just a few nipple pinches, then getting her own pussy fucked outdoors. The poolside blow job was pretty fucking hot, too! Any other girls get insanely turned on when a guy grabs you by the hair and ‘makes’ you suck his cock? Yeah – that’s a pair of soaked panties instantly for me. When the camera man got in as well, and all four were going at the same time – oh yeah. That’s when I started gushing. You can really tell these babes are having a good time, and that makes it all the hotter!

I’m thinking next time I have a BBQ – beer pong is a must. Tiny g-string bikinis are a must. A friendly girl who will join in with me fucking a pair of guys is a must. I’ll add a few condoms and a bottle of lube to the usual hamburgers and hot dogs grocery list. Hell, why can’t I just get these four over to have my own little version of this fuck fest?

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