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I kind of wonder if this girl actually fell for the whole “you’re so gorgeous I want to fuck you on camera and watch it forever” thing, or if she’s just playing along. Either way, this is a sexy vid that I’m not going to mind watching over and over again! This is one of those raw, fast and hard sex videos – nothing romantic and wishy washy about this one. (Seriously – do girls actually fall for that act?)

This couple is great, as they actually have fun along with all the fucking. I just about laughed my ass off when his cock flicked down on her face when she was licking his sack. I love it rough and hard like she does, so when she was on the bed, on all fours, with him behind her – it was all I could do to not grab my own vibrator and get fucked along with her. When he started smacking her ass and pulling on her hair I thought I would just lose it!

I’m not bi, but this girl was pretty fucking hot in an “Avril Lavigne” sort of way. She’s got that milky white skin, long blonde hair, and a few well-placed tattoos that gives her that hot and horny look. She’s got those eyes that you don’t mind looking up at you when her mouth if full of dick. That pussy is pretty sweet looking as well – bare, puffy and a clit that visibly gets hard when she’s turned on. Yum!

She took that facial like a pro, too – especially as it was her first time. Wouldn’t mind a guy like that covering my face in cum, that’s for sure. Tell you what, though. If these two did actually make any cash from this video, I hope they invest it in a new bed that’s not quite as loud as this one! Then again – that does add to the whole trashy hotness of the porn…

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